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A water softener may be most needed when you are facing issues such as rust deposits around your faucets and fixtures. Removing the impurities from water should be of prime importance and when using a water softener, it is equally important to pick the right kind of water softener salt.

The most common salt used in water softening requirements is diamond crystal vs Morton water softener salts. Before you can begin using either of them, it may be worthwhile to give serious thought to Diamond crystal vs Morton water softener salt comparison to help you understand the benefits offered by either of them. In this post, we will try to find the best Morton vs Diamond salt comparison.

Parameters Diamond Crystal Morton Water Softener Salt
Purity 99.6% sodium chloride 99.5% sodium chloride with additives
Available Forms Pellets, rocks, crystals Pellets
Cost Higher cost compared to Morton Salt Lower cost compared to Diamond Crystal
Packaging Standard packaging Easier to carry and transport
Product Options 11 different products 4 varieties of products

A Few Good Salt Salts to check

Having understood the basic differences between the Diamond crystal salt and Morton water softener salt, here are a few of the products from the two brands that you may find of practical use.

Features Material Weight Special Features
Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets Sodium Chloride 40 Lbs Patented formula, great packing
Diamond Crystal Water Softener Potassium Chloride 40 Lb No Additives, Less Sodium

Diamond Crystal vs Morton Water Softener Salt – Which Among Them Should You Go With?

If you look at the salt used in the United States for water softening purposes, you would ideally find that there are two specific types of salts specifically used in the water softening process – Diamond Crystal and Morton Salt. But which of them work best in varying conditions of water softening requirements? It should be practical to go with the efficient Diamond Crystal vs Morton softener salt comparison to understand the best among the two.  We will undertake a water softener salt comparison based on a few key parameters:


If you look at the purity, the Diamond Crystal’s Solar Naturals comes with a purity of 99.6 percent of sodium chloride. The salt is prepared in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is harvested using the traditional method which involves evaporation by the sun. You can find the white opaque color on the diamond crystal salt which should be proof to indicate its purity.

The Morton Salt is not necessarily left behind either. It has a purity rating of 99.5 percent sodium chloride. They also have a few additives that prevent the formation of the build-ups in the appliances and vessels.

Available Forms
The salt used in water softeners is made available in several forms and shapes. You can find them in multiple shapes, sizes and The water softening salts can be available in varied formats that would include pellets, rocks, and crystals. If you are checking the alt for water softeners, it would be ideal to check out the pellets form. Both Diamond Crystal and Morton Salt provide you access to pellets form.
You can buy both the water softening salts from Amazon at reduced costs. However, when you are looking at the best costs, Morton salt does take the lead. The Diamond crystal salt is almost double in terms of pricing. However, it may be dependent on the variant of the salt that you are planning to buy.
When it comes to the best packaging capability, Morton water softener salt takes an upper hand over the Diamond crystal offering. Carrying or transporting the Morton alt should ideally be easier than carrying the bag of Diamond crystal salt.
Product Options
The product options offered by Diamond crystal are quite impressive with over 11 different products. The choice available for you would include Iron Fighters, Solar Naturals, Hardi Cubes, Sun Gems, Potassium Chloride, and regular rock salt. The Morton water softener salt on the other hand offers 4 varieties of products. They would include Clean and Protect, Clean and Protect plus Rust Remover, Pure and Natural, and a Potassium Chloride option.

The Diamond Crystal Salt Water Softener – An Overview

The diamond crystal salt is prepared using the traditional methods and thus makes it one of the most naturally occurring water softener salt options. The salt is manufactured using solar evaporation.

How is it formed?
The natural saltwater is channelized from the sea, lake, river, or underground resources and moved through a sequence of ponds. The water here gets evaporated due to the action of wind and sun. This will finally result in the formation of salt crystals. These crystals are then cleaned, processed, and packed.
Benefits Offered by the Diamond Crystal Salt

There are several benefits you stand to gain with the Diamond Crystal Salt. A few of them can be:

  • It comes in several formats such as soft pellets, crystals, or cubes
  • Can remove the rust from the appliances and vessels.
  • Clothes will not fade or lose color
  • Water softening is Safe to drink or cook
  • Can be used in swimming pools.

The Morton Water Softener Salt – A  Concise Review

Just like the Diamond Crystal offering, the Morton Salt is also manufactured using the evaporation method. If you are trying to differentiate Morton vs Diamond crystal water softener salt, understanding the features of the salt should help you make a learned choice.

How is it formed?
It is manufactured with the natural evaporation of salty water from natural resources. Salt Water is channelized through different ponds and is evaporated due to the action of wind and sun. Once the salt crystals are formed, they are processed, cleaned, and packed
Benefits of the Morton Water Softener Salt
  • It makes the water safer and tasty to consume
  • You do not need more soap for bathing or cleaning vessels (or even clothes )
  • No fading of clothes
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • No dry skin or hair
Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets

The product has a five-star rating on Amazon and should stand proof of the capability and efficiency offered by the salt in cleaning up your water. Coming from the number one seller should ideally make it one of the practical choices for almost each of your requirements.


  • Reduces harmful mineral build up
  • Clean and protect the functionality
  • Helps avoid costly maintenance
  • Prevents clothes from fading

It can be one of the prime options for extending the life of your appliance and improve the health parameters to a considerable extent. It has a patented formula that prevents the build-up of scales. The easy to carry, pour and store option offered by the bags should be one of the prime factors that can further enhance your experience.

The great price for a great slat is what should further make it one of the practical choices. The ease and simplicity of using the alt should further make it a practical choice.

  • Extends the life of your water heaters and other appliances
  • Improved efficiency
  • Easy to port and use packing
  • A little expensive price tag

Diamond Crystal Water Softener

Diamond crystal water softener salt is potassium-chloride, a low-sodium substitute for other salts. The crystals of this salt have a very low insoluble content. This prevents the drainage pipes from clogging. The water mixed with this softener salt has a number of benefits like helps cleaning better, does not leave stains on floors, brightens the clothes, etc.


  • Low-Sodium Alternative
  • Very less insoluble content
  • It is in pellet form
  • Prevents clogging of water

Diamond crystal water softener ensures smooth functioning of water softening unit. Also, the properties of this potassium based water softener makes it more environment-friendly. The water treated using this softener can be used for all the household purposes.

  • Safe option for plants and animals
  • Does not tase very salty
  • Environment-friendly choice
  • More expensive than sodium based alternative

What Issues can Hard Water Cause?

Had water can result in several severe issues. It can affect your health and even a few issues with respect to the looks and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Some of the major issue you are likely to come across with respect to hard water can include:

  • Dry skin– Hard water is rich in magnesium and calcium. You will not be able to get rid of these chemicals with soaps or shampoos. That would make your skin and hair go dry.
  • The build-up of scale – Building up of scale on your appliances and vessels can be one of the primary issues with hard water. You will find the grey-colored scale on kettles, coffee pots, and washing appliances.
  • Fade in the clothes – The hard water can make your clothes fade.
  • Glasses can brittle – Hard water when used to wash glass vessels can make them brittle and prone to damage.

How to Soften Hard Water?

The right way to soften hard water would be to remove the chemicals that cause the hardness. The affordable and cost-effective method that can be used for softening the hard water can be to use the ion exchange method.

The ion exchange method makes use of the salts. Since the salts consist of negatively charged ions, the positive ions of calcium and magnesium are made to leave the water and thus the water is softened.

The most common salts used in water softeners are:

  • Diamond Crystal
  • Morton Water Softener Salt

In this post, we will make an attempt at understanding a diamond crystal vs Morton slat comparison and find which of them suit which type of conditions. Making a choice between Diamond Crystal vs Morton softener salt as outlined in this comparison should help you achieve better results.

How to Choose a Water Softener Salt?

There are a few specific parameters you need to give serious thought to when picking the best water softener salt.

Some of the prime factors you may need to give serious thought to can include:

The price of the salt can be a deciding factor when you have the salt requirements throughout the year. You would definitely not want to opt for an unwanted expenditure. Analyze your water softening requirements before finalizing the salt.
Health Issues
If one has high blood pressure, it may be a good idea to use a sodium chloride-based water softening salt than a potassium chloride-based one. Check out the allergic issues that your family members may have before picking the salt. Do remember that the softened water is also used for drinking and cooking and taking care of health should be of utmost importance.
Environment Friendly Product
The environment-friendly nature of the product should also be of much essence when picking the best water softener salt. Sodium discharged from the water softener may be detrimental to plant life in certain cases and you would want to avoid the damage.

The Concluding Thoughts

Hard water has indeed been a huge issue for most of us. It can result in several issues with respect to health as well as other troubles such as damaged appliances and fixtures and fading clothes. However, choosing the best water softener salt has been a tougher task when compared to choosing the best water softener itself. No matter which softener you choose, understanding the right salt to be used in the softener will be of much importance.

Comparing Diamond Crystal softener salt and Morton water softener salt above, you can clearly find that Diamond Crystal takes a lead in terms of the purity levels marginally when you compare it to the Morton salt. You may need to opt for the Diamond Crystal salt when your water supply has a high iron content. In other situations, you can pick either of them based on your individual preferences.

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