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Water is the most important thing in the world because we cannot live even day without water but due to industrial revolutions and more chemical waste drained into water canals and rivers, gradually water is being polluted. Some cities in the world are suffering to get clean water. Therefore, it is important for us to save the clean water, and make things better for our future generation.

We must not drink polluted water as it causes dangerous diseases. Though there are water problems, we have technologies that help us to filter water in our houses and make that drinkable. Water filters are the best innovation of the technology.

This blog is created to share the best water filtration guides, water filtration systems, water bottles & tumblers, etc. to help people get more information about these. And, also find the best filter systems and other things related to water storage and filter.

We strive to make this blog more informative for people to know more about the technologies that are used in the filtration systems and also let them know how safe they are. Also, you get to know the bottles and tumblers you use are safe or not because many bottle manufacturers are still using BPA which is used to harden the plastic but since it is harmful for health, other things are being used which are less harmful than it. So, you need to know these factors as well if you really care about your health.

There are lots of information for you to read on this blog which we cannot write on this page only, so better, you start browsing waterbrowser.com.

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About Author

I, Atish Ranjan, am the founder of WaterBrowser.

As a child, I witnessed a lot of issues related to clean tap water in our small village. Since, then I had decided to research on every possible issue that an individual would face in regards to water.

This blog is simply a guide prepared on basis of my research which hopefully shall serve many people like me!!