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5 Best Selling Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Having your own house would be one of the biggest dreams for many. You may be one of them. When you think about a dream house, you may think the best of every part of it—starting from the build material to the house’s interiors. The kitchen plays an important role in the house, and you may also dream of the color and design of the kitchen. One of the important parts of the kitchen is the sink. 

Kitchen sinks are the least concerned commodity that adds to the utility and the beauty of the kitchen. Thus selecting a good sink would be important.

Considering the kitchen platforms, there can be various options that are available in the market. You can prefer a cement platform or one adorned with marble or granite. There are many more expensive options available. However, some people feel that the butcher block countertop is a wise decision. They give a classic and elegant look to the kitchen and are low cost yet being rigid enough. 

Selecting a sink for butcher block countertop needs special research. The well-complimenting sink would enhance the visual from the butcher block many times. In this article, we will mention our picks for the best sinks for the Butcher Block countertop. But before we hop on to the list of our recommended sinks for butcher block countertop, let us tell you a few factors you can keep in mind before you make your purchase.

Choosing The Right Sink For Butcher Block Countertop-The Buying Guide

A lot of kitchen sinks are available in the market. Choosing one among them requires you to understand and consider various factors before deciding the correct one. Here are some basic factors that may act as your buying guide:


Even though installing a sink is easy on the butcher block countertop, the sink is a once in a life product. You may build your dream house with the best kitchen once in a lifetime. Thus, selecting a sink with greater durability is a need most of the time. Today there are various types of sinks available in different grades and qualities. Selecting a durable sink would add to the convenience.


Budget is one of the important factors you may consider before you may select a sink. The expensive one would have better durability. However, low-priced sinks are not negligible. The best way to approach it is to decide your budget in the first place and then look for those options that are available in that budget. Note that there is a huge price difference between the sinks; the expensive sink may cost manifold compared to the inexpensive ones, the price does not determine the quality all the time.


The brand name gives us a sense of security and belief in the product. Various established brands provide quality assured sinks with certain warranty periods. You can choose a brand based on your personal choice.


Kitchen Sinks come in different sizes and utilities. There are almost 6 -7 sizes if we consider a range of sinks. A sink may be as small as 16″ -18″ to as large as 34″. The kitchen and the butcher block size and your utility determine the appropriate size you need. On the other hand, kitchen sinks can come in more than one shape and size. Some come on smooth squares; some come with sharp dents giving them a muscular look. Some sinks come with double basins modes for additional utility.

Additional Features

Some brands offer some additional features to their sinks to make them look like an attractive package. Some sinks are offered with compatible filters, drainers, and some other accessories. These accessories act as a cherry on the cake. However, other factors may also be considered before you make a final decision.

5 Best Sinks for Butcher Block Countertop

Model Type Brand Size Additional Features
Kraus KWU110-32 Kore inch Undermount 16 Gauge Single Bowl Undermount, Stainless Steel Kraus 19” * 32” * 10” -Available in 10 sizes
-Lifetime warranty
DELTA  Workstation Kitchen Sink Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl Undermount, Stainless Steel DELTA 19”* 32” * 9.5” -Available in 7 sizes
-Ultra quiet kitchen sink
-Limited Lifetime warranty
Ruvati Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Undermount, Stainless Steel Ruvati 19” * 32”* 10” -Available in 8 Sizes
-Lifetime Warranty
-Opening to fit garbage disposal unit
K-20243-PC-NA sterling sink Apron Front Under-mount Stainless Steel Kohler 34”*19.75”*9.5” -Extra deep basin
-Apron Front style
-Lifetime limited warranty
ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink  Under-mount, Stainless Steel ZUHNE 18”*23”*10” -Available in 9 different sizes
-Premium Built

-Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore inch Undermount 16 Gauge Single Bowl

Kraus sinks are a leader in the workstation sink segment. This product comes with many features. The skin has a ledge that allows a dishwasher to streamline the entire process of preparing the dish smoothly and steadily. It has tight edges around the depression, it helps in cleaning stock pots and bakery utensils without any problem. It’s also a single bowl sink.


  • Attached Integrated Ledge
  • Rollup Dish Drying Rack
  • Undermount Installation
  • 16 Gauge Heavy-Duty Steel Finish
  • Elevated Bottom Grid
  • Noise Defend Soundproofed
  • Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Resistant Finish for Fighting Rust

The sink comes with a lot of preparedness for people who have to manage an eatery joint. It has a bottom grid which helps in placing the accessories that a person eats. In the bottom grid. And the grid can be used for smoothening the washing process which is then completed at the rollup dish drying rack.

  • Comes with a drying rack, button grid and noise reduction property suitable for professional joints.
  • Made with 16 gauge heavy duty steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hard Installation can be a challenge.

DELTA Workstation Kitchen Sink with Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl

WorkStation Sink for the kitchen is another great product. It also comes in hard-grade steel. It has one added benefit over Kraus, it also has a phone holder. It makes you a multi-tasker in case you are trying to read up on work-related documents.


  • Tagged Acacia vegetable cutting board
  • Bottom grid drainer with a cover for leftover discharge
  • Silicone coating utensil holder
  • Anti-condensation undercoating
  • Self-draining silicone drying plate
  • Optimized Slop
  • Easy manual for installation
  • Draining Grooves
  • Satin Sheen Finished

Work Station Sink has elements of silicone in its rack. It also comes with a well-designed and engineered appliance. The slope is good for objects to slide. The bottom grid also has a cap, in case any eating material can be easily accessed and taken out from the tube. Its vegetable made of Acacia helps in speeding up the icon.

  • Bottom Grid comes with a Cover
  • Properly Noise proofed and made with Satin Sheets
  • Not suitable for small utensils
  • Installation kit is a bit difficult to figure out

Ruvati Workstation Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Ruvati Sink is a single Tire Track sink as opposed to the bowl sinks we discussed. The brushed finish here is exclusive and it makes the steel shine, as opposed to the satin finish in other sinks. The 16-heavy steel gauge has titanium and chrome with a 10:18 ratio. 16 steel gauge is strong enough and with good furnishing, it will never rust even in the worst conditions.


  • Comes with sliding dish drying rollup
  • Stainless steel colander
  • Finishing with 16 Gauge
  • Sound guard coated
  • Broad Rubber Padding
  • Basket Strainer for discharged food

Along with some great features, Ruvati Sinks are also known for being a very easy-to-know installation guide. The product comes with a limited warranty.

  • Chromium finished sink
  • Basket sink at bottom
  • No major cons found.

Kohler K-20243-PC-NA Sterling Sink

Kohler K-20243 sterling sink is a premium apron face style kitchen sink offered by Kohler. This is probably the best stainless steel sink for a butcher block countertop. Kohler is the leading producer of kitchen and plumbing items. Thus, the quality of this sink is also top-notch.


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • 18 gauge steel with silver finish
  • Premium Apron Front style
  • Deep Basin
  • Very heavy and sturdy

Kohler has left no stones unturned in this sink. It has provided all the features that the sink could provide. This sink comes with a contemporary silicone mat, duo-strainer, surface-swipe, and a trivet. It has dimensions of 34″*19.75″*9.5″.

If you are looking for premium sinks without any constraints in the budget, you should have a look at this unmatched product. Coming from the warehouse of the top kitchen cutlery production house—Kohler sink proves to be the best in several ways. This sink comes with a contemporary silicone mat, sinks strainer, surface wipe, and trivet. Additional accessories like a silicone mat make it a royal basin and make it more sturdy.

  • Premium Apron face style
  • Deep basin thus accommodates any cookware
  • 18 gauge steel material
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • A little expensive.

ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Kitchen Sink is winning the race and the reason is it is internationally acclaimed. It has a BBB+ rating and is widely used in the United States and Canada region. There have been some standalone features of this product, and the first has to be the T308 stainless steel perfect and healthy body coating.


  • Comes with colander set, sponge caddy, scratch protector grate
  • Rust-proof T304 Stainless toss heavy iron cast finish
  • Noise insulation decreases 2.5x the sound.
  • Drains in slope character
  • Chef-grade sink set

Zuhne sink is better if you need many accessories with you along with your sink. You can choose another one as well.

  • Sound in minimal decibels
  • Acclaimed and accredited sink
  • Multi-use sink
  • A little expensive

Before we consider whether a sink is needed for a Butcher block, it makes sense we know what a Butcher Block is. We use various sturdy materials to make the platforms of the kitchen. Some use materials like marble and granite; some others use black stone. Some prefer the resin top over a cement slab for a premium appeal. In the midst of all these options, there comes an option of Butcher top.

What does the Butcher top mean? The butcher top in the kitchen is made up of sturdy wood—generally polished. People may prefer Butcher tops for their unique stances and ambiance for their home. However, there are various downsides to using these tops. The first one being it needs a lot of maintenance—keeping it away from extremely hot and wet items. Despite having natural antibacterial properties, these tops cannot tolerate long-term exposure to high heat and water.

Why Do You Need A Sink For Butcher Block?

Sinks made up of metals like steel are mostly excellent in waterproofing; this almost avoids leaching water to the attached butcher top. Another advantage is that when you have a good sink, you can directly place all used utensils and wet items in it, this way, you can avoid exposing the top to these items for a long time.

Types of Sinks for Butcher Block

Sinks are available in a large number of sizes, brands, and types in the market. However, not all sinks are suitable for the Butcher top.  As stated in the previous lines, butcher tops are vulnerable to wet and extremely hot items despite being sturdy. Thus having suitable sinks become almost inevitable. Following are various types of sinks that suit a butcher top countertop:

Drop-In Sinks
Drop-In sinks are simple sinks that can be easily installed by dropping them in the counter hole. This way, they are super simple to install.  This feature makes them suitable for all types of tops like laminates and butcher block countertops.
Undermount Sinks
As the name suggests, undermount sinks are placed below the tops. This way, the edges of the sink are covered. These sinks are prone to mold problems; however, they are a good choice for butcher block countertops.
Double Basin Sinks
This is perfect for people who need more utility and space for their cookware. Or, if you want to segregate your cookware to wash, double basin sinks are for you. These sinks occupy large spaces; however, they are useful and adds to utility.
Sinks with Drainboard
We have seen in the previous lines that we should preferably not place wet and extremely hot items on the butcher block countertop. Thus, this implies that we cannot put the just washed cookware to drain their water in the countertop. The drainboard offered with the sink becomes handy in this case. Thus people prefer a sink with a drainboard.
Farmhouse Sinks
Farmhouse sinks are royal and sturdy sinks. These can also be good for butcher block countertops.

Maintaining the Sink For Butcher Block

The care for the butcher top not only lies in the selection of the sink but also in the maintenance of the sink. Here are some tips of how to take care of sinks of butcher block countertops:

  • Clean the sinks against dust after usage.
  • Make sure the sink is leakproof ensuring, there is no leach of water on the countertop.
  • Ensure the joint or the seal between the sink and the countertop is secured all the time.
  • Applying wax to the butcher block countertop may increase its life.
  • If the sink is not scratch-proof, make sure you don’t rub the sink when you’re rubbing the countertop with sandpaper as a part of the maintenance routine.

Which Sink Is Best With Butcher Block Countertop?

By now, we have seen various sinks that can be used with the butcher block countertop. I’m sure you are aware of what sink is best with the butcher block countertop. Of Course, it is purely a personal choice of what sink you would choose for your butcher block countertop.

Our verdict is simple and to the point. Our pick would be the basin with drainboard would be the best buy for a butcher block countertop. These basins offer a steel place where we can keep certain items that cannot be placed directly on the countertop.  Moreover, they offer the best utility.

However, if you are looking for premium-looking basins/sinks, apron-front style sinks can be your pick. Since these are usually priced high, this is not affordable for everyone.

Can A Farmhouse Sink Be Used With A Laminate Countertop?

Before the arrival of indoor plumbing, farmhouse sinks were greatly in use everywhere. They were designed to hold water brought to the kitchen from pumps or wells, so these sinks needed to have a high capacity or space.

Nowadays, more people are drawn towards the apron front sinks for their unique looks. These sinks are integral parts of the kitchen because they add to the beauty of our kitchen countertops.

Over the years, our ways of living have changed the design, and the practical needs of the sinks and our kitchens halve also changed drastically. It has come out from a hidden space at our homes to a very open one at the hearts of our homes. Open kitchens have become more and more common over the years with our changing lifestyles. The farmhouse sinks are gaining popularity not only due to their functionality but due to their attractive appearance.

Besides have various advantages as well, which are:

  • It’s easier to wash bulky pots and pans (even bathing your pet) using farmhouse sinks because their size and depth are bigger than the traditional kitchen sinks.
  • Farmhouse sinks, being bigger than the edges of cabinets, are highly ergonomic, whose main benefits are that the user does not need to lean forward to reach the sink for washing or any other work.
  • This feature makes a big difference to a consumer who has the motto of saving time between washing dishes or cooking food, as they have a very hectic schedule.

Can You Put A Sink In A Butcher Block Countertop?

Being beautiful and warm textured, butcher block countertops have many advantages. But then again, there are a lot of no go points about the butcher blocks in a kitchen as well, because it is made of wood and as we all know that wood and water do not go well with each other.

Butcherblock is considerably low priced and less costly as compared to many kitchen counter surfaces. Its only cheaper alternative is lamination. You can’t avoid the fact that your wooden countertops can get wet while cooking and have food spills while you are preparing your food. Also, it isn’t water-resistant, but the moisture that comes in contact with your butcher block should not affect it as long you clean it after your work is done.

Ways to keep your butcher block safe from water:

  • Don’t use bleach sprays on any wood countertops.
  • Hardwoods always do have natural protection from germs, bacteria, and funguses; you can use them for your butcher block.
  • Using a clean cloth can help when you are using your wooden butcher block and it gets wet.

Saving your butcher block countertops from water rings and water damages:

  • If you happen to find water rings on your wooden countertops, you can always use sandpaper to refinish the surface.
  • If your plumber does some damage to your wooden counterpart while plumbing, call for professional cleaners to clean it up.

Caring for wooden countertops is easier than you know or think of. So whether or not you can put a sink in a butcher block countertop is entirely your own decision. But you must keep in mind that maintaining wooden countertops is not easy, and it requires a lot of work to keep them in proper condition.


Kitchen sinks are sometimes tedious to select from. Selecting the ones that are compatible with the butcher block countertop is even more tedious. We have shown our picks considering the buying guide factors. You are free to choose your sink based on these factors. These would turn into the best sink for a wood countertop. You can also opt for a Kohler black sink with a butcher block counter if you like the combination.

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