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How Many Chlorine Tablets For 10ft Pool?

Owning a swimming pool can be an excellent experience in itself. Maintaining a healthy and cool pool is one of the most important aspects of handling a swimming pool. The most essential way to keep your pool clean and well-maintained is to decide on the right amount of chlorine to be added to the water. So, how many chlorine tablets should you add to the 10ft pool? Let us try finding out the details and intricacies of keeping a swimming pool well-managed. 

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To calculate the number of chlorine tablets that you need to add to the 10ft swimming pool, would require you to know the depth of the pool. This should provide you with the total volume of the pool. If your pool volume is below 5000 gallons, round it off to 5000 gallons. That would mean if your pool has a volume of 2000 gallons, you would round it off to 5000 gallons. One chlorine tablet can treat 5000 gallons of water. So you would need just one tablet. 

What are Chlorine Tablets? 

Chlorine tablets are the tablets that supply chlorine to your swimming pool water. This is the chemical used to clean the swimming pool water and kill the bacteria in the water. The chlorine tablets let you keep the water in the swimming pool clean and healthy with no need to use any harsh chemicals. 

Chlorine tablets are available in different sizes and can be used in any type of pool. These tablets do not include chlorine alone. They also have other elements and components, which include pool stabilizers. 

Why Do Pools Need Chlorine? 

The primary purpose of adding chlorine to the pool is to kill the germs. Chlorine can effectively kill the bacteria, germs, and other parasites. The chlorine forms hypochlorous acid that kills bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. It also fights the virus that causes diarrhea and swimmer’s ear.

Some of the reasons why you need to add chlorine to the pool would include:

  • Disinfect: Kill the bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. 
  • Prevent algae growth: This will help keep the water cleaner.
  • Break down non-living material: Remove dirt, debris, oils, and organic waste.

Chlorine is added to the swimming pool in the form of tablets because it is the most straightforward form to add it. Since it is easily measurable and added to water, the chlorine tablet is one of the most commonly used means of adding chlorine to a swimming pool. 

You can add the tablets once every 5 to 7 days, depending on the condition of your pool. 

How Many Chlorine Tablets to Add to a 10ft Pool? 

The number of tablets that you need to add to a 10ft pool will depend on several factors. Some of these factors would include pool volume, bather load, weather conditions, and chlorine demand. You need to go through several calculations before you can arrive at the right number of chlorine tablets you should add to a 10ft swimming pool. 

The first part of the calculation would involve the total pool volume. You can arrive at the total pool volume with the following formula –

Pool Volume = length x width x average depth x 7.5.

Let us assume that your pool has an average depth of 4 ft. This would mean your pool has a total volume of around 500 gallons. You should round it off to the next 5000 gallons. That would mean the average volume (for the sake of adding chlorine tablets is 5000 gallons. 

Under ideal conditions, you would need one chlorine tablet for 5000 gallons. That would mean your 10ft pool will need just one chlorine tablet. 

How to Add Chlorine Tablets to the Pool? 

You do not just throw the tablet into the pool. There are specific methods used for adding chlorine tablets to the pool. Simply throwing the chlorine tablets into the water will make them not evenly distributed throughout the entire pool. They may also sink to the bottom and then damage the surface at the bottom of the pool. 

The chlorine tablets are placed inside a device that distributes it evenly across the table. Larger swimming pools use a device called an automatic chlorinator. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, you can go with a fleeting chlorine dispenser as the best option. 

The automatic chlorinator

Technically speaking, the best method to add chlorine to the pool is to use an automatic chlorinator. The best part is that you can simply set up the amount of chlorine to be released into the pool, and the chlorinator handles the task automatically. Of course, the method is expensive, but it would be the best option to help you even out the chlorine throughout the pool.

You simply put the chlorine tablets into the chlorinator and configure the amount of chlorine. Since the tablets added to the chlorinator do not come in contact with the pool water, you do not run the risk of over-chlorination, or what is called hyper chlorination. 

Floating chlorine dispenser

This is a small floating dispenser that keeps floating on the water. This is perhaps what you might have found in many of the swimming pools that you frequent. The chlorine tablets are placed in the dispenser, and the floater keeps moving around the pool. 

The problem with these floaters is that they are not suitable for large pools. Your floating dispenser can get stuck to a wall or stay on one side due to water pressure or direction, for that matter, for any reason. This can cause the uneven distribution of chlorine throughout the pool. If you have a small pool or even a kiddie pool, these floating dispensers can prove to be an excellent option. 

When Should You Add Chlorine Tablets to the Pool? 

It is advisable to add chlorine tablets to the pool once every 3 to 7 days. However, the best option is to add the tablets whenever the concentration of chlorine goes below 1 to 3 ppm. Under ideal conditions, the chlorine tablets take around 5 days to dissolve completely. That should mean you should add the chlorine tablets once every 5 days. 

With respect to the time for adding the chlorine tablets, we would recommend adding chlorine tablets at night. Chlorine is likely to evaporate during the day due to UV rays. 

The concluding Thoughts

The proper maintenance of the chlorine levels in the swimming pool is extremely important given the importance that the health of your family deserves. It should also be noted that the instructions provided here are for information purposes in helping you understand the proper amount of chlorine needed in a 10ft pool. Following the instructions that came from the manufacturer would assume a lot more importance. 


How many 3-inch chlorine tablets in 10ft pool?

Ideally, one 3-inch chlorine tablet is enough for a 5000-gallon pool. If your 10ft pool has a volume of less than 5000 gallons, you should use one 3-inch tablet. If the volume is, say, 7000 gallons, you need to round off to the next 5000 gallons and thus use two tablets.

How many 1 inch chlorine tablets for 10ft pool?

As we are aware, a 3-inch chlorine tablet is enough for a 5000-gallon pool. If you do not have access to 3 inch tablet, you can proportionately use three 1-inch chlorine tablets per 5000 gallons. However, it is advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions. 

How many chlorine tablets for a 10000-gallon pool?

One 3-inch chlorine tablet should suffice for a 5000-gallon swimming pool. To find the number of tablets used in a swimming pool, you need to round off the pool volume to the next 5000 gallons. Since one 3-inch tablet can be sufficient for a 5000-gallon pool, you can use two 3-inch tablets for a 10000-gallon pool. If you are using a 1-inch tablet, you will need to use six 1-inch chlorine tablets for a 10000-gallon pool.

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