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High Water Pressure in Shower only – Ways to Decrease It!

Too much or too little pressure in the shower can be a little disturbing. The high pressure in the shower is considered to be one of the huge issues and can affect your skin very dearly. You may also feel taking a bath is very painful because of the high pressure. It can also damage your plumbing. So, how to fix high water pressure in the shower only? Let us try out a few remedies in this post. 

Quick Response

The high pressure only in the shower can be due to a broken pipe or fixture. Trapped air inside a pipe can also increase the pressure. The restrictor inside the showerhead may also be a culprit that results in high pressure in the showerhead. 

How to Decrease Water Pressure in Shower?

The best fixes to help you with high water pressure in the shower can be to adjust the pressure regulator, check the misalignment of the flow restrictor, and fix the water hammer issue if any. You may also check for any broken pipes to find and fix the issues. 

Shower water pressure

Some of the fixes that you can apply and fix the high water pressure in the shower can include 

Fix the water regulator 

The water supply from the municipality itself may have very high pressure. The best means to fix it would be to check if your neighbors also have the same issue. However, if you have only your shower has high pressure, it may be a localized problem. 

Check if you have any issues with your plumbing that leads to the shower. The pressure regulator that leads to the shower can be adjusted to see if that fixes the problem for you. 

Check the misaligned flow restrictor 

If you have your shower flow restrictor misaligned, it may be a good idea to get it checked. Opening the showerhead may help you reveal any issue that is affecting it from the inside. A damaged or displaced washer can also cause high water in the shower. 

If you find any issue with the flow restrictor on the showerhead, soak it in vinegar for around one or two hours. If there is any debris inside the restrictor, it will get removed. You can also replace the flow restrictor if you find the old one cannot be repaired or fixed. 

Check for trapped air in the water system

Air trapped inside the water system can also be a cause for concern and affect your water pressure in the shower. This can primarily happen if you have any issues with your plumbing and the maintenance of it. 

Cutting the pipes and fittings can help you in allowing the air to enter the pipe. As soon as you open the shower, pressure is created in the pipe that attempts to get the water outside the system. It can also occur due to the high-pressure water. 

Fix the water hammer issue in your system

Yet another fix that you can apply to fix the high-water pressure in the shower only can be to address the water hammer issues in the system. The water hammer is an issue with the water control system. Addressing it can be helpful in helping the high water pressure in shower. 

A faster closing shutoff valve can also be one of the primary causes that can result in the high water pressure in the shower. The best way to help achieve the task is to open all the faucets in your home. Check if any of the pipes are loose, tighten them up as the loose pipes can cause water hammer issues. 

Symptoms of High Water Pressure in House

One of the primary causes for the severely high water pressure is the shower which is showing an uncomfortably difficult to handle. High pressure is one of the primary reasons for this to happen. If you have your showerhead showing absolutely high pressure in the shower, it is a clear indication that there is a very steep higher pressure in your system. 

A few of the other causes that might have resulted in the high water pressure can include the leakage in the pipes, continuously running toilets, and leaking water heaters can be a few symptoms that can prove the presence of the high water pressure. Frequent damage to the appliances and bursting of the pipes can be a few other reasons that would indicate the high water pressure. 

Why is My Shower Water Pressure Too High All of a Sudden?

Your shower water pressure can be suddenly high due to various reasons. The supply itself may be a little in your area. The showers show sign of high pressure before all other fixtures and connections. Another reason may be a faulty pressure regulator that may be playing a spoil sport. 

Some of the common causes for the high water pressure in the shower can include

High-pressure water supply

Some regions experience high water pressure and there is only one it can be fixed. You should install a water pressure regulator or repair the one if you already have one. A high water pressure from the municipal water supply is common in the cases where you have fire hydrants in your vicinity. 

A faulty pressure regulator

If you already have a pressure regulator installed, checking if it has developed any issues can be the right step in fixing the same. You can get it checked and either choose to replace it or repair it depending on the condition of the regulator. 

How to Measure Water Pressure at Your Water System? 

Taking the water system reading should be the easiest option to check the water pressure in your region. You will need a water pressure gauge and check the water pressure in the faucet. If it is beyond 80 PSI, you can be assured that you have a high water pressure. Make sure that all the other faucets in your home are turned off when taking a reading of the water pressure. 

If the water pressure in your region reads below 60 psi, that should indicate that the water pressure is normal. It is treated as low pressure if you are experiencing a water pressure below 40 PSI. 

The Parting Thoughts

Wondering why water pressure is high in the shower only? There can be several reasons that can cause a lower pressure in your system. Checking out the exact causes and fixing them would be the right step in assuring a success rate. The tips shared above should be helpful for your needs in arriving at the best options. 

A few FAQs

Is 90 PSI water pressure too high?

The 90 psi reading is high pressure for most household systems. The ideal water pressure for the residential water supply should be in the range of 60 psi.

How frequently should you check the water pressure in your home water system?

It is advisable to check the water pressure twice every year. You would need to inspect the water system if you detect the fluctuation in the water supply. 

What are the risks of higher water pressure in shower?

The high water pressure can damage your plumbing system. It can also damage the fixtures. The high-pressure water can also be detrimental to the health of your skin and scalp.


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