Standard Taps Vs Mixer Taps

Should you go with the mixer tap or the standard tap? That is perhaps the most common question that we typically come across many times. But we do not really know the difference between the two. Of course, you would need different taps in different parts of your home, and choosing them would be based on your individual preferences. 

The basic difference between the mixer taps and standard taps lies in how they supply water. Mixer taps combine the water from hot and cold sources. Standard taps supply water directly with no adjustment in temperature. Apart from that, the two also differ in terms of space taken, ease of installation, and energy efficiency.

What are Mixer Taps? 

A Mixer Tap is also called a thermostated tap and is used primarily in kitchens and bathrooms. The Mixer taps, true to their name, are the taps that combine the hot and cold water flows and let you adjust the temperature according to your specific needs. 

Mixer Tap

The Mixer taps help you mix the flow of both hot and cold water effectively. Instead of having to get hot and cold water from two different taps, you will be able to get the best temperature adjustment with no hassles. 

What Are Standard Taps?

The standard taps ideally need no introduction. These are the taps that we typically find in our homes and perhaps everywhere. They get the water from a single source. If you are using the standard tap for hot and cold water, you will be using two taps. 

standard tap

The water will exit from the two separate nozzles, and you will need to mix the water as per your needs to get the right level of warm water. 

What is the Difference Between Mixer Taps and Standard Taps?

Let us check out the basic differences between the standard taps and Mixer taps in detail. 

Feature Mixer Tap Standard Tap
Ease of handling temperature Easy to adjust with one lever Requires adjusting two separate taps
Looks and appearance Stylish and modern Vintage and nostalgic
Space saving Compact Requires more space
Water efficiency More water-efficient Less water-efficient
Price More expensive More affordable

Ease of handling the temperature

Mixer taps let you easily handle both hot and cold water. It would be very easy to find the perfect temperature with a Mixer tap. This may not be the case with the standard taps. You will need to juggle between the two taps to adjust the temperature. 

Looks and appearance 

Mixer taps look stylish and in sync with the architecture. You can buy them in a variety of styles and finishes. They would gel well with contemporary designs. 

Not that standard taps are available in unique looks and signs. They have a unique charm specific to them. If you are looking for a vintage and nostalgic look for your taps, using standard taps may be a good idea. 

Space saving

Mixer taps do not take up much space. They have two taps in one assembly and do not need a large space to install. In contrast, in the case of standard taps, you need to install two separate taps, which may require more space. 

Mixer taps would be a better option for smaller bathrooms and smaller sinks. If your sink area is already cramped, the standard taps may not be the right choice. 

Water efficiency

The mixer taps can be considered water warriors by any standard. They conserve water. Since they mix hot and cold water consistently, they can be an excellent option for saving water. 

Standard taps do not have good water efficiency. They have a simple mechanism prone to leaks and repairs. 

Ease of installation

Mixer taps are easy to install. Since they come as one unit, you need not worry about aligning and other tasks. In the standard taps, you will need to use two separate taps for hot and cold water, and it can make the installation a bit difficult. 

The price 

Mixer taps come with a complex mechanism. This will make them a bit expensive. But, then – they also offer convenience, aesthetics, and durability, which compensate for the price. 

Standard taps are available at a lower price. If you are looking for affordability, standard taps are the best choice. 

Advantages of Mixer Taps

Using Mixer taps comes with several advantages over Standard taps. 

Ease of Use 

The mixer taps are easier to use. The modern mixer taps come with a single lever operation, making them relatively simple to use. You can adjust the lever to get the appropriate warm temperature. This is a good pick for children and older people, who may find it a bit difficult to turn the knob on the standard taps. 


Even when the mixer taps may have a slightly higher price tag, they help save water. That would make them economical over the years. You will be wasting less water with a mixer tap. 

Modern looks

The mixer taps offer a modern look and aesthetics. The sleek and symmetrical look of the taps offers you an excellent appearance in your bathroom or kitchen sink

Other benefits 

Mixer taps come with several other advantages and benefits. You can expect better durability, improved hygiene, and energy efficiency, which makes them the best choice by several standards. 


Both Mixer taps and standard taps come with their own advantages. In the world of faucets and taps, mixer taps have a special place, thanks to their high quality and performance. If you are unable to make a decision, it may be worthwhile to consult your plumbing professional for guidance. 


Are Mixer taps better than standard taps?

If you need to mix cold and hot water, mixer taps will provide you with a better convenience than using a single or standard tap. It will avoid the possibility of drawing the water that is scalding hot or too cold. 

What is the difference between a mixer tap and a kitchen tap?

A mixer tap has two sources of water. A single or standard tap receives the water directly from the pipes or the source. Mixer taps offer you a better temperature adjustment, while standard taps cannot guarantee this. 

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