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4 Best Water Filter For Bathtub Faucet

Water filters have become one of the most important aspects of many houses. It is often used for filtering drinking water. Have you ever considered the fact that contaminated water is worst for bathing as well, and not only for cooking. Just like the contaminated water can harm your internal organs, the contaminated water can also affect the external parts such as our skin, hair, and nails.

What Is a Bathtub Faucet Filter?

A bathtub filter is an attachment that connects to your bathroom faucet and cleans up your bathing water. The attachment is fitted to your shower or bathtub. This attachment is meant to filter out any of the impurities, and chemicals in your bathing water. 

The bathtub filter is useful in removing the issues in water such as chlorination and provides you with clean and safe water for bathing. The water filters can range in pricing and vary in quality. The expensive variant provides you access to a wide range of formats and constrictions that would include metals, chemicals, and other solutions in your water. The basic filters will remove the substances such as substances like chlorine out of the water. 

Types of Different Types of Bathtub Filters

There are different options available for the different bathtub filters in the market. You have two different options available bathtub filters. That would include the option for both shower and bath. Picking the correct filter would assume a lot of essence and importance. 

  1. Bathtub faucet: The bathtub filter is attached to the base of the water filter. It would work as a third-party faucet. The filter collects the water from the faucet and removes the impurities before providing clean and safe water to bathe. 
  2. Shower head faucet: A shower head faucet is a spherical device that is inserted between the water supply and the primary socket. The filter catches the impurities from the water and your water faucet delivers only the clean bathing water. There are several shower heads available which will require the swapping of filters. 

Apart, you would witness a few other differentiations for the types of bathtub water filters, but most of them belong to the above specific categories. 

Best Water Filter for Bathtub Faucet

Let us explore a few top-end water filters for bathtub faucets and understand the pros and Cons offered by these filters. 

Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter

One of the cheapest filters available in the market, the Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter is a practical option for removing chlorine from the water and also soften it. However, it cannot remove heavy metals such as lead, chromium, iron, and copper. If you are looking for a full-fledged chlorine decontamination, the Sprite Showers BB-WH Ball Bath Filter is your prime pick for the best bath filter. 

  • The detachable harness
  • Replaceable filter cartridge 
  • The filter is made of 100% nylon 
  • Addresses low water pressure issues

The filter can be helpful in smoothening your skin and helping you in reducing the oiliness of the skin. Can filter chlorine and dirt easily enough.

  • Does clean up chlorine effectively 
  • It comes with a detachable harness that connects to most of the fixtures easily 
  • Includes replaceable filter cartridge. 
  • Cannot clean heavy metals. 

AquaBliss Multi-Stage Shower

For enjoying healthy and clean water for y our bathing needs just out of the faucet, the AquaBliss Multi-Stage Shower should be something that you would find all the more exciting in its own right. The unique maxion technology that the filter comes with would make it the right pick for the perfect water. 

  • Purifies the water so that it is best for your skin
  • Removable shower filter.
  •  Dramatic reduction of contaminants 
  • Protects your skin

The one click installation offered by the filter is yet another plus point. A powerful and superior contaminant removal is one of the huge strengths that you would get. You will never experience any sort of chlorine smell once the water is filtered using the shower filter. 

  • An easy no-tool installation 
  • A proven mix of redox media, calcium sulfite, activated carbon
  • Helps prevent the dry, itchy skin, eczema, pustules, acne and ill-health
  • May not filter every contaminant.

Santevia Organic Cotton Bath Faucet Filter

The bathtub filter is best suited for the sensitive skin. The easy-to-install and affordable water filter for bath tub should indeed be something that we would recommend for all your needs. The effective chlorine removal is one of the strongest factors in its favour.

  • Adds the important and essential minerals to your hair and skin
  • Best suited for both babies and adults alike 
  • Does not require any installation 
  • Extremely gentle

The Santevia filter is designed to provide you the most gentle form of nourishment. It can also be a good pick for the hard water in your region. Your skin will begin feeling smoother and healthy. 

  • Removes chlorine to up to 100% level. 
  • No need for any sort of installation 
  • It can be used as soap and oil in tub
  • We found no cons

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

The AquaHomeGroup 15-Stage Shower Filter is designed for offering you access to vitamin C for your skin and hair. The high output of the filter is designed to offer you access to the best options to remove Chlorine and fluoride. The package comes equipped with two cartridges as part of the package. 

  •  Stage filtration process
  • High output of water 
  • Consistent water supply from the showerhead filter.

It can remove chlorine and fluoride along with other contaminants such as sediments. It has several modes for water filter requirements such as overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads. 

  • Ease of installation 
  • Avoids the formation of scales inside the bathtub
  • Offers a consistent water pressure 
  • May not be a good option for water hardness. 

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What are the Benefits of Using a Water Filter for Bathtub?

Here are a few of the benefits that you should gain access to if you are looking to buy a water filter for bathtub:

It filters out the chlorinated water 

The most dangerous element in the bath water can be the presence of chlorine and lead. The water filters are known to be the best source to help you remove these impurities. It can remove a host of elements and substances 

Removes the hard water 

The choice of the right water filter for bathtub can help soften the hard water. The hard water can leave your skin dry. Softening the hard water will help your skin stay safer and glowing 

Helps avoid sinus and lung infections 

Tap water may contain traces of chlorine and lead. They can be harmful to your lungs and sinuses in the long run. The water filter removes the traces to make it safe for your bathing water. 

Are Water Filters Important for Bathtubs?

Filters are very important for ensuring a long-term health and well-being. That would hold true with the water filters for bath as well. Most of the water supplies consist of impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, flame retardants, and other harmful substances. The bathtub filters help you filter out the contaminants for most of your needs. 

Some of the advantages offered by bathtub filters would include:

  • It removes the chlorine which is the most harmful component in the water 
  • It filters out bacteria and viruses. 
  • Some bathtub and shower filters can soften the water thereby easing the issues such as skin irritation and other irritations 
  • Removes the possibility of dry skin which is caused by exposure to the minerals. 
  • It can also remove lung and sinus infections by getting rid of lead and chlorine

How to Choose the Right Bathtub Water Filter? – The Buying Guide 

If you are looking to buy a new bathtub filter or a shower filter, there are a few parameters that you need to look for in your choice of the best water filter. Serving as a buying guide, these factors can be extremely handy in determining the right type of water filter for bathtubs. 

Method of filtration 

The method used for the filtration should be one of the prime factors that you need to look for. Do you want to remove all the contaminants or any specific contaminant? Answering that question will help you pick the right bathtub filter for your shower head. 

The functions of the filter 

The number of functions you would want to have on the filter would assume a lot of essence in helping you pick the best filter for your needs. You may be looking for a multi-use filter or a bathtub filter, and ensure that you are picking a filter that meets your needs. 

How Do Bathtub Water Filters Work?

There are two different ways that bathtub filters would work. The filtering options you can look for would include Physical filtration and Chemical filtration. Your pick would largely be based on the contaminants observed in the water supply in your region. 

Physical filtration is equivalent to a physical strainer that we generally use when cooking your food. The physical barrier is removes the larger particles and collects them from the water. The chemical filtration is where a simple chemical reaction will help you clean up the smaller impurities that may not work with the physical filters. 

Many bathtub filters come with multiple stages of water filtering. The first stage involves the physical filtration which consists of activated carbon hat filters out the contaminants. The activated carbon acts as the magnet for filtering out the contaminants such as lead and a host of other contaminants. The further stage involves the chemical filtration which can effectively remove the ingredients such as chlorine from the water. 

How Long Do Bathtub Water Filters Last?

The bathtub water filters would last a longer time if you take an absolute care of the filtering media and undertake a regular maintenance. A bathtub water filter or a shower water filter should ideally last around 3 to 6 months before they are replaced. 

The life of the filter would ideally be dependent on the quality of water that needs to be treated in your region. If your region has the chemicals such as chlorine, but also particulates, iron, rust, dirt, and other contaminants, you would find it failing and requiring replacement quite often. 

What Toxins Are Found in the Bathtub Water Filter?

One of the most common toxins or contaminants that you would find in bathtub water an include chlorine. A few other contaminants can include ammonia or add fluoride. You may also find a few unwanted microorganisms. 

Municipal supplies use chlorine for removing the pathogens in the water. You would also find the water supply is also treated with ammonia and fluoride for removing most of the contaminants from the water. These chemicals can increase several health risks such as asthma, allergies, breathing problems, cancer, and more. 

Some of the other toxins that you would find in the bathing water can be heavy metals, like lead from old pipes. You will also find a few other chemicals and contaminants such as pesticides, and other contaminants. 

The Concluding Thoughts

The water filters are one of the excellent and important additions to your bathroom. The bathroom filter will be helpful in providing you a better health in the long term. They are quite inexpensive and they are also extremely easy to install. 


Are the bathtub water filters easy to install?



Bathtub filters are very easy and simple to install. You would find them offering you a DIY installation in most of the cases. There may be a few instances that may be rare enough where you would need to call up a professional plumber for assistance. 

Do bathtub water filters remove most contaminants?

Water filters are designed to remove the contaminants that are physical in nature. However, if you need to remove the chemicals specifically, you can invest in the specific type of water filter for your bathtub. 

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