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If you have a well water feeding your home, you would perhaps need to keep an eye on the proper functioning. One of the common issues that you are likely to experience is that your water pressure keeps pulsating. Wondering how to fix pulsating water pressure? Well, there are a few great options that can be helpful in this context. 

One of the best fixes that can help you fix the pulsating water pressure can be to remove the air pockets by draining all the pipes. Start with the highest pipes in your house and then slowly refill all your pipes. This should ideally help you fix the pulsating water pressure effectively and efficiently. 

how to fix pulsating water pressure

What Causes Water Lines to Pulsate?

Your faucet may be pulsating due to several reasons and one of the prime reasons can be that there is lack of air pressure inside the water tank. The air pressure is necessary for water tank for ensuring the proper compression. If there is no enough pressure, water surges happen inside the pipelines and this is what causes the pulsating. 

A faucet that pulsates or sputters because of the air inside the plumbing. It can be due to several reasons that may include a restriction in the plumbing, an improper calibration of the plumbing system, a degraded pressure tank and even a leak in the water well system. 

If you are trying to find out what causes pulsating/sputtering faucets, the following reasons can help you pinpoint the issues. Some of the causes would include 

There is too much water in the water tank 

If there is too  much water in the water tank, the air pressure may not be compensated properly and as expected. This will result in the water from your faucet to pulsate. If the electric pressure switch and the internal air bladder inside your system face issues, you will find that the faucet continues to pulsate. 

Water tank does not have enough pressure

The water tank may not have enough air pressure. The air pressure inside your tank may be misaligned. The wrongly fitted pressure gauge may also be a concern and needs to be taken care of. This can result in surging water in your pipeline and subsequently result in faucet pulsating. 

Leaks in the plumbing system

The leaks if any in the plumbing system can be yet another reason that can cause the issues in your faucets that may begin pulsating. It may be necessary to chck out the leaks inside your plumbing fixtures. 

Valves may be closing too quickly

If your plumbing system has any valves, it may be closing and opening instantly. This can result in water surging in your system. This is exactly what can cause the severe issues such as pulsating faucets. The issues can result in the different valves that may include a supply valve, water-reducing valve, or check valve.

How to Fix Pulsating Water Pressure?

When you notice water pulsating in your faucets or any other section of your plumbing, do not ignore it. It can happen once in a while and you may perhaps ignore it in most of the scenarios. If it happens frequently and if your plumbing is exposed to the pulsating faucets or water surges, you are likely to run into severe issues that can damage your water lines and even the plumbing fixtures. 

If you have a pulsating water pressure in your plumbing system, it is advisable to check the water pressure in your system. It is more ideal to test the air pressure in your water tank. You will need to drain the well and turn off all electrical systems. Use an air pressure gauge and test the air pressure in the water tank. The pressure gauge should ideally read between 20 to 30 psi. 

How Can I Stop My Water Pressure Dropping?

A drop in the water pressure is likely to be caused by a semi open valve or any other similar issue. it can also be the result of the debris such as dirt, sand, solidified oil and grease, food particles, or foreign objects. Cleaning it up can be the best option to fix the issues in your water system. 

Some of the fixes that can be helpful can include:

  • Monitor the air pressure in the water tank 
  • Install the thermostatic valve instead of the pressure balancing valve
  • Check the appliances that use high pressure. 
  • The water line may be used by too many households and that can reduce the pressure. 
  • The leaks in the pipe can be another cause for the drop in the pipes.

What Should I Do About Pulsating/Sputtering Faucets?

Well, as we already know, a pulsating or sputtering faucet would be due to the insufficient pressure in the pressure tank. The air pressure is regulated by the internal air bladder and an external electrical pressure switch. If either of them are worn out, you will experience the issues with the pulsating faucets.

However, there may be other reasons that would make the faucets sputter or pulsate. If you notice that it is one or two of your faucets that are pulsating, it may be due to the other reasons and not due to the air pressure. Some of the possible reasons that can cause the pulsating effect or sputtering in the faucets can be clogged cartridges, blocked faucet aerators, and potential clogs in under-sink supply hoses. 

The Parting Thoughts

The pulsating water pressure can happen due to several reasons. One of the major reason that can cause the issue of pulsating water pressure can be the waterlogged pressure tank. If the air bladder is the tank has failed and the water is allowed to enter the tank. In such a scenario, the tank will no longer be able to hold enough water. That would ultimately result in making the water pressure to fluctuate. 

A few FAQs

What causes pulsating water pressure?

The pulsating water pressure is caused generally by the air in the plumbing. It can be due to the lack of the pressure in the tank, clogged pipes, improper calibration of the components and an issue with the pressure tank. 

Why does water pressure drop and then rise again?

The primary reason for the water pressure to drop and then rise can be due to several reasons. A few of the reasons can include clogged pipes, leaky valves, faulty pressure regulators, malfunctioning pressure tanks, or some fault in the municipal water supply.

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