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Is Dasani Water Bad For You? (Know the Truth)

Dasani is a popular bottled water brand that has gone into bad press quite frequently. In fact, water has been going through a lot of controversies and is considered to be bad for your health. There are several questions being asked about the quality and safety of human consumption. So, is Dasani Water bad for you? Let us try finding out. 

Dasani Water is generally safe to consume. Most bottled water brands use additives to the water to improve taste. One such ingredient is Potassium Chloride that Dasani Water has. The concentration of the salt makes the difference. By popular standards, Dasani Water has been treated to be safe to drink. 

What is Dasani Water? 

Dasani Water is a bottled water brand that was launched by the Coca-Cola Company. The brand was introduced in 1999 and has the water sourced from the local municipal water supply. The water brand has become very popular in the United States. 

Dasani Water is available in several sizes. You can check it out in single-serve bottles to large jug sizes. You can find these water bottles at most of the convenience stores and grocery stores from across the country. 


How is Dasani Water processed? 

The water for the Dasani bottled water is sourced from the local municipal supply. It begins its purification process through reverse osmosis, and then it is treated with a mix of minerals. The addition of minerals provides the water with a rich taste. The minerals also help you replenish what you may lose throughout the day. 

The Dasani water consists of magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. The manufacturer claims that the minerals are added to improve the taste, and the dosage added is in tune with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for safe drinking water. 

The water is also filled with the fully recyclable and BPA-free containers. This will ensure that the water is entirely free from any sort of contamination. 

Is Dasani Water Bad For You?

Dasani Water goes through a lot of purification processes. The water also has added minerals such as magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. Even when the water is advertised to be clear, it does include the traces of these minerals. 

The fact remains that the water is not spring water as advertised by the manufacturer. Some of these added minerals can have harmful side effects on the body, even when they are essential. Even when Dasani water is not harmful per se, you will need to go through a few precautions to ensure that you will not get harmed by drinking Dasani water. 

Is Dasani Water Bad For Your Heart?

Drinking Dasani Water may not be potentially harmful to your heart. However, it does come with a few potentially harmful chemicals, such as Potassium Chloride. Of course, your body needs Potassium to regulate the nerves. However, a high level of Potassium can cause irregular heartbeats. In fact, it has the potential to make your heart stop beating. 

However, the amount of Potassium Chloride contained in the Dasani Water is relatively low. The water is approved by the FDA as being safe to drink. It will not cause any harm to your heart in most of the conditions. 

Is Dasani Water Bad For Your Teeth? 

The Dasani Water is not harmful to your teeth per se. But the brands like Dasani water contain a pH value that is a little acidic. If you have sensitive teeth, it has the potential to harm your teeth. Bottled drinking water should generally have a pH value between 7 and 8.5. You should also take care not to consume too much fluorides. 

Some studies have indicated that bottled water can have harmful effects on your teeth. Though this is not specific to Dasani water, studies do pose a possibility as the pH value of Dasani water is in the range of about 6.25. Acidic water can result in issues such as erosion of the enamel and high sensitivity. 

Does Dasani Water Dehydrate You?

Dasani Water consists of magnesium sulfate, salt, and potassium chloride. They can introduce an increased thirst when you consume it in a higher quantity. However, the salt quantity in the Dasani Water is considerably low. That would mean – under ideal conditions – it should not dehydrate you. 

There have been allegations that Dasani water adds more salt to the bottled water to make you more thirsty. However, there is no proof of these allegations as the ingredients are similar to the concentration in other brands offering bottled water. 

Are There Benefits to Drinking Dasani?

Yes, Dasani Water is safe to drink. The water and its quality meet the national and international standards. The water is purified using the reverse osmosis process. This can help remove the impurities and contaminants. 

Dasani water is definitely safe to drink as it is of high quality and is entirely free of toxins. That apart, Dasani Water also comes with a host of minerals and nutrients in the form of zinc, magnesium, and potassium, which can help you in bone health and also provide your body with electrolytes to keep your body in well-hydrated condition. 

If you are looking for the convenience, Dasani Water should be your ideal choice. It is readily available, affordable, and can be carried comfortably as it is available in multiple sizes. 

What Are the Controversies Surrounding Dasani Water? 

Dasani Water, even when considered to be safe and pure, is surrounded by several controversies. Some of the controversies surrounding the Dasani Water would include:

  • The source of water: The water for the Dasani Bottled water is sourced from the municipal supply. Since the bottled water is expected to be from natural springs and pure sources, this raises concerns among the users. However, it may be noticed that the water goes through filtration and reverse osmosis to remove any impurities. 
  • Included additives: Dasani Water comes with several additives and chemicals added. Some of them include potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and salt. These chemicals are added to increase the taste. While they are entirely safe to consume, there are a few concerns about the long-term usage of the water treated with additives. 
  • Packaging materials: Dasani Water is packaged in plastic containers. The bottles are not biodegradable and thus can have environmental concerns as well. 

Is Tap Water Better Than Dasani?

Tap water is always a better option than bottled water. This includes Dasani Water as well. The advantages associated with tap water are that it is generally safer, is completely free (or inexpensive if not free), does not impact the environment, and is entirely sustainable. 

Dasani water is not sourced from natural sources such as springs. It is made bottled from the local water supply after filtration through reverse osmosis. It is just plain water with the minerals filtered out and then added back in. It cannot be better than tap water for your body. One liter of bottled water offered to you takes around two to three liters of water to process it. That part of the bottles that the water is supplied can also have a severe environmental impact. 

Does Bottled Water Have PFAS?

Yes, some of the bottled water may contain PFAS. A study in 2021 by John Hopkins University indicated that PFAS were found in over 39 brands of the total 100 brands tested. Some of the water bottle brands were observed to have PFAS level that was quite concerning. 

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This includes over 5,000 different chemicals that are used in several manufacturing processes and are known to affect health severely. These chemicals can be dangerous as they do not break down easily and stay in the environment for several years – sometimes even for centuries. 

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, the permissible PFAS level in drinking water is 70 PPT (part per trillion). Anything more than this is dangerous for your health. Most of the bottled water does contain some amount of PFAS. 

Is Topo Chico Bad For You?

Topo Chico is generally not bad for you. It is a zero calory mineral water which is said to help you in digestion and hangovers. The product does not contain any volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, or organic chemicals. 

However, a recent study found that the Top Chico water contains a high amount of PFAS. However, after the survey, Top Chico did upgrade their filtration system and have been into reducing the effects of the PFAS in their bottled water products. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Dasani Water is one of the most popular and trusted bottled water brands. It does offer a good taste, thanks to the added minerals. However, there are a few concerns about the chemicals and minerals added to the water. A slightly acidic nature may be a concern for teeth. 

Well, the information contained above should be helpful for you in finding the health benefits (or lack of them) as far as consuming Dasani water is concerned. If you are still in doubt, share your thoughts in the comments. We will ensure that we resolve them. 

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