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5 Best Carbon Water Bottle Cage

Well, if you are traveling or mountaineering a lot, you would definitely need to keep yourself hydrated. The best way that this can be achieved is through the use of a water bottle cage. Of course, you would not need a complete hydration pack for the purpose when you are on an expedition that would not take more than 2  to 3-hour ride. 

With the mountain bikes getting more powerful and equipped with a wide range of accessories. In fact, gone are the days that we find the bikers with backpacks anymore. We tend to use a carbon water bottle cage on the bikes, and that is precisely what we have found to be one of the prime options for staying hydrated. Of course, the metal cages have been in vogue for long, but if you are someone who values the aesthetics of your bike, you would definitely prefer a carbon water bottle cage.

Let us check out the best Carbon water bottle cage options that can prove to be handy enough. Before that, we will also check out the best buying factors that should assist you in taking a wise call. 

Top Factors You Should Look for in the Best Carbon Water Bottle Cage – A Perfect Buying Guide 

Now that we are now about checking out the best carbon water bottle cage, it may be necessary to check out a few specific factors that you should specifically look for in your choice of carbon water bottle cage. A sort of checklist, the guide should ideally be a great option in picking the best carbon water bottle cage. 

Some of the best buying factors you should look forward to in your choice of best carbon water bottle cage can include the following factors. 

Water bottle cage style

You would find that you would find several styles of cages. The styles that you choose will be dependent upon the décor and usability. In fact, you would want your carbon water bottle cage should offer a good look and appearance that goes well with the aesthetics of your bike. Yet another aspect would be the capacity that they would be able to retain the bottle. Each of those designs and styles come with their own advantages and issues. Check out your exact requirements and pick the one that best meets your needs.

The material used for the Cage

Of course, we are discussing the best carbon water bottle cage here, and obviously enough, we will definitely want to go in favour of the carbon water cages. If you are looking for the best lightweight bottle cage and you should ideally go with the carbon water bottle cage by almost on every count. Bottle cages made from carbon fiber are one of the best options than the stainless steel cages. However, a too low weight can be a considerable disadvantage. Check something that goes with a perfect design, a lightweight construction and the capacity to retain the weight of the water bottle. 

An easy fit option

The cage you use for your water bottle should definitely be one of the excellent options that would be much easier to use. The cages that you would find a little complicated to remove or place the bottle into would be the best ones to avoid. Make sure that the design is comfortable enough whether you insert the bottle from side or top. 

The Looks

The Gravel bike that you are riding isn’t something ordinary. You would indeed want your carbon water bottle cage to be in sync with your bike. In fact, the carbon cages look cool and can be quite helpful in improving the décor of your bike further. Any sort of mismatch of the carbon water bottle cage with your bike can prove to be quite detrimental for the looks of your bike. Check for the cage that perfectly complements your bike and its aesthetics.

Grip and Bottle retention

The water bottle cages come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Each of them provides you access to a specific advantage unique to it. However, the prime use of the water bottle cage is to grip the water bottle properly and retain it even under tough terrains. The exact grip and retention capabilities are dependent on how they hold the bottle. Some of the cags hold the bottle by the collar, while some others offers a design that wraps around. Option for an additional zip tie would be an additional advantage.

Top 5 Best Carbon Water Bottle Cage You Can Opt for Your Bike

Having checked the best buying factors you should always be looking for in the best carbon water bottle cage, how about checking about a few great options for the purpose? Our picks in this compilation would be one of the excellent options you would be checking out for the best ones for an enhanced experience in your gravel biking. 

Wiel Full Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage 

Made of 100 percent carbon fiber material, it is both strong and lightweight. The non-deforming and corrosion-resistant properties are what would make it one of the excellent choices. The water bottle cage is capable of excellent holding power and can handle the terrain even under a rough terrain.  

The lightweight bottle cage is both weather and heat resistant and thus makes it one of the great options for the best bottle cages for gravel bikes. The ease of installation is yet another excellent option that should definitely make it a perfect choice. It can be installed on the pre-drilled hols on your bike. 


  • 100% carbon material. Very strong.
  • Powerful holding settings that keep the bottle tight while ridding.
  • Easy bottle removal.
  • Keeps the bottle secure.

The carbon water bottle cage does not deform even after repeated uses, thus making it extremely durable. The lower weight and high end durability are a couple of features that should definitely turn it up as the best water bottle cage for long distance travels.

  • The lightweight construction will be helpful in a non-burdening nature.
  • Easier screw in installation. 
  • It comes with retention pad for avoiding slipping off the bottle.
  • May crack if subjected to high pressure.
  • Cannot be bend. 

Anjoy Ultra Light Full Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage

This should be one of the excellent options for the best in terms of mountain bike water bottle cage. The cage is made of 100 percent full carbon fiber material. You can be assured of no rusting or corrosion. You would also find the material too strong and lightweight. It weighs just around 30 grams making it easy on the rider as well. 


  • Strong Holding power that keeps the bottle tight even on bumpy road.
  • Easy to remove and stash.
  • 100% carbon fiber material
  • Quite sturdy.

The lightweight bottle cage is one of the great options for bumpy roads. You would find it offering the best bumpy gravel rides as well. However, if you are using the larger bottles – we would suggest you use straps on the cage. The protruding design is one of the excellent options you would find that it holds the bottle quite firmly enough. 

One of the features we loved the most on the product is the knobbed drill cut outs. This will ensure that the bottles are not scratched in any manner. The ease of restashing the bottle or removing it from the cage would be what would make it one of the perfect choices. You would also find it offering an ideal aesthetic look for your bike.

  • Extremely lightweight construction and a rust-free performance
  • The design provides a better anchorage 
  • Excellent design makes it work with the bike by blending the colors with the bike. 
  • The bottles are held in place rather effectively.
  • You may need to add straps for an added support. 
  • The hold would be loosened after a while. 

PERGEAR Emgreat Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage 

The PERGEAR Emgreat Lightweight Carbon Fibe is exceptionally lightweight and offers a stronger and highly efficient design. The design provided by the carbon cage is one of the greatest ever options for providing a convenient way of holding and removing bottles. The holding power is what would make it the best one against the rough terrain.  


  • Lightweight.
  • Non-deformable.
  • Corrosion-free.
  • Easy bottle removal.

You would find it providing you access to a very durable and non-deformable carbon fiber material. The extreme lightweight at 30 grams which would make it a perfect choice in the long run. Of course, you would get no other color options which may be one of the difficult options. However, the simple color option would provide you with access to a stylish finish.  

The wrapped arms help you hold the bottles much steady. The protruding rest can be yet another option that offers you an added support. The massive and extreme support for a professional functionality is quite awesome enough. And finally, the affordable price tag is yet another added advantage.

  • Extremely lightweight and compact construction. 
  • A good looking black design. 
  • Affordable price tag
  • An excellent grip on the bottle.
  • No cons worthy of mentioning found. 

Arundel Mandible Water Bottle Cage

The brand Arundel has been one of the prime manufacturers who has been involved in offering an excellent set of quality bicycle parts. The Mandible water bottle cage is indeed one of the excellent and perfect options that should ideally assist you in the long run. It lives up to the expectation with a wide range of beneficial features. 


  • Carbon Fiber Material.
  • Tight grip but easy bottle removal.
  • Lightweight.
  • Minimalistic.

One of the best lightweight products, it weighs just around 28 grams. The lightweight is achieved through the use of foam core with along with the full carbon fiber construction. In fact, you would it offering you a genuinely minimalistic design ever. That can be one of the massive plus points to ensure a baggage free usage on your longer rides.  

The carbon water bottle cage is one of the best options that can come quite handy enough, mounting it on any part of the bike quickly enough. The mounting and installation are rather easy and straightforward enough. You need not worry about mounting in any manner. A wide range of color options is yet another excellent options you would find rather impressive. That way, you can opt for any color that meets your individual bike color quickly enough.  

  • An excellent finish on the product. 
  • Extremely light and durable. 
  • A truly minimalistic design 
  • The price tag may be a little expensive.

ThinkTop Ultra-Light Full Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage

So, you are one of those who are looking to one of the best choices with a low-cost option for the carbon water bottle cage? In that case, you would find that the ThinkTop Ultra-Light Full Carbon Fiber is one of the bright choices for a higher degree of efficacy. Coming from Thinktop, a firm known for low cost, yet high end options, this one should be what you would find rather effective. 


  • Good Holding power that keeps the bottle stay fit even in bumpy gravel roads.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Stylish.
  • Sturdy.

The bottle cage is made of Japan TORAY 3K Carbon Fiber; the quality of the product is entirely above the notch. You would find the non deformable nature and corrosion resistant properties quite a practical option. You can also be assured of a durable and extra strong efficiency. The black color is one of the best options that can prove to be efficient enough in providing a cool and stylish aesthetics to your bike. 

The matte finish and smoothened edges are yet another prime features that would make it a perfect option. That would help you ensure that the bottles or your hands are not scraped or scratched. The installation of the product is rather easy and straightforward. You can be assured of a perfect functionality even in bumpy and rocky roads.

  • An excellent matte finish provides a great look and décor. 
  • Affordable price tag
  • Durability at its best. 
  • Smoother edges
  • Bolts may interfere with the bottles at times

The Concluding Thoughts

Are carbon water bottle cages worth it? Well, the above should already have made you understand the fact well enough. The prime factors you should look ahead in a bottle holder is the sturdy build, a stronger performance and hold on to the bottles even when riding in a bumpy terrain. We have ensured that we have made sure that we have met all those requirements. 

Check out the best options offered and pick the ones that best meet your requirements. 

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