Do Faucet Covers Work? (Are They Really Needed?)

The winters have been something that has always been a huge concern. They are likely to damage the outdoor faucets and subsequently affect the entire plumbing system in many cases. So can we cover the faucets in winter? Do the outdoor faucet covers really work? 

Quick Answer

If outdoor faucet covers actually work, the answer would be both yes and no. The faucet covers may not be the best to help you in preventing freezing. They can be a good pick for overnight freezing but not for preventing freezing in the entire winter season.

Do Faucet Covers Work?

The outdoor faucet covers are made of Styrofoam and other similar material. They can be quite effective in preventing the outside spigot from freezing down. However, higher temperatures may prevent it from working effectively as supposed. 

The faucet covers generally work really well in helping to prevent the water faucets and pipes from freezing in the winter. However, they do come with their own limitations. The spigot or faucet cover is something that is made of Styrofoam or a similar material, and it will be helpful in trapping the warm air around the spot that is likely to get frozen. 

It can work effectively at the freezing temperatures in most of the cases but may not be effective if the temperature falls a couple of degrees below the freezing temperature. 

Types of Faucet Covers

There are primarily two types of faucet covers, and both of them do offer a similar degree of performance and efficiency. You can pick the one that best meets your individual preferences. 

  • The rigid thermal foam: This is a cone shaped net that is fitted over a faucet. It can be easily tightened to create a powerful seal. These are either made of Styrofoam alone or the Styrofoam along with a plastic outer shell. 
  • Flexible insulated bags: This is equivalent to placing socks on your faucet. These are soft covers and are referred to as faucet socks. These are made from nylon or polyester with an additional waterproof coating. They may also have an additional layer of insulation which may be of cotton material.

If you are interested, the following picks may be a good idea, to begin with. I have recommended them to most of my friends and clients, and they indeed found them extremely practical choices. 

Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

This is the hard or rigid variety of thermal foam that can be used for most of the practical purposes. The sturdy construction and powerful functionality make it stand apart from the rest. It can work effectively even when the temperatures drop below freezing point. The well-polished construction would further make it a good pick to go with. 


  • Reusable year after year.
  • It fits all the single outdoor faucets
  • No tool installation 
  • Comes completely assembled. 
  • Made from hard plastic foam

The cover can work even in the areas that have uneven surfaces. The cover is made from Polystyrene foam. Storing it in the proper position would save it for the best service quality ear after year. 

  • Effective protection against freezing temperatures 
  • Ease of installation 
  • Works on all the uneven surfaces 
  • It may not fit on large spigots 

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Demedo Enlarge Outdoor Faucet Cover

If you have a bib larger than an average faucet, it would be advisable to pick the  Demedo Enlarge Outdoor Faucet Cover. The sock style faucet should be something that makes it a formidable and best pick to go with. It is a manageable size but should work effectively with most of the practical situations that use a faucet larger than the average. 


  • Upgraded materials used for freeze protection 
  • Prevents the faucets from pipes freezing, bursting, and blowouts.
  • Easy to use drawstring operation

The faucet cover is made of 420-denier polyester fabric. Easy to store and use. The faucet sock is made of Polyester, foil, and cotton. It can be used season after season without hassles of any nature. 

  • Simple and easy to install 
  • Can fit over the larger hose bibs
  • Roomy enough for most of the needs that you may have. 
  • It may not be fully waterproof. 

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Reasons to Use Outdoor Faucet Covers and How They Work?

The primary reasons for using faucet covers can include the best options to avoid drafts and avoid the insects from making nests. It can also be helpful in avoiding the water that may be running unnecessarily. You can also keep others from using your water through the use of faucet covers. 

Some of the best reasons for why you should install faucet covers can include 

Prevent Drafts in the home 

Drafts in the home can lead to the higher electricity bills. The cold winter can find its way into the crack or hole in your home. I have found a few home owners who could not find no way to prevent the drafts, and when I went to check out the issues, I found that the outdoor faucets were found to be the primary cause in most of the scenarios. Using faucet covers can prove extremely handy in letting you prevent the drafts. 

Prevention of the pests 

If you have an outdoor faucet that is open, it will be an open invitation for the pasts to make their nests. Most of the small animals tend to build their nests in an area that will keep them warm. This can result in the blockage of your pipes and hoses. 

Avoid unnecessary running of water 

The unnecessary water that keeps running can be yet another concern that may need to be addressed with due care. The outdoor faucet cover can be a great asset to help you in stopping the kids from turning on the faucet and thereby wasting water. The faucet covers have been observed to be the best in terms of child proofing your faucets. 

Keep others from using your water 

You can use a faucet cover with a lock that can further enhance your experience in handling your nasty neighbors. If neighbors may be using your water, using a faucet cover with a lock will prove to be a great asset. 

At What Temperature Should You Cover the Faucets?

It is advisable to cover the faucets before the temperature drops below the freezing point. The ideal time would be to cover the faucets before the first frost. In fact, covering the outdoor faucet should be your first task before the winter kicks in. 

The ideal time to cover the faucets would be when the temperature begins hitting 28 degrees F or below. You should note that the outdoor faucet will not be able to withstand that much of cold temperature. As soon as you notice that the temperature begins to go below 28 degrees F, it is high time you start covering your faucets. 

How Effective Are Outdoor Foam Faucet Covers in Preventing Freezing?

The faucet covers will work effectively in southern regions where the freezing may not reach risky levels. The temperatures do not go below freezing temperatures or below. The insulation cover on the faucet retains the heat from the daytime sun and slows the escape of heat.

The faucet covers can effectively trap the heat that radiates naturally. You will find that the insulation on the cover will help you in preventing the heat from escaping. This can be helpful in helping you prevent the entry of water into your faucet and protects it from freezing and expanding. 

Risks of Leaving Your Outdoor Faucets Exposed in Cold

It is quite common to forget about outdoor faucets when winterizing your home. However, leaving the outdoor faucets to the cold can have a host of issues and risks that can damage your plumbing system. 

Some of the primary issues that you are likely to affect can include:

  • Frozen pipes: The cold can easily seep into the walls if you are not careful about a proper insulation of the outside faucets. When you leave the outdoor faucets open, water in the pipes can freeze.
    If you notice the pipes are freezing, the best option would be to turn off the faucet and get in touch with a professional plumber right away. You may need to thaw the frozen pipes and faucets if they are partially frozen.
  • Burst pipes: Yet another issue that you are likely to face with the outdoor faucets left open can be the bursting of pipes. It may be noticed that the pipes will only burst once the temperatures reach a certain point of freezing.
    The protection provided to the outdoor faucets can be a great option to help you protect the pipes inside your home. A burst or a broken pipe in your home can leave your home flooding. This can result in the damage that can cost hundreds of dollars. 

How to Cover Outdoor Faucets for Winter?

Covering the outdoor faucet is a simple option and as simple as picking a new faucet cover and installing it. You need to have a good knowledge of the exterior piping system, and you will need to buy the relevant cover types for faucets and pipes. 

Here are the steps involved in how to cover the outdoor faucets for winter: 

  • If you have a hose that is attached to the outdoor faucet, remove it first. Drain it and then store it for the later season. 
  • Shut off the water solve that shuts off your outside water supply
  • Make sure that the water from this section is removed. 
  • Cover the faucet with the slip on faucet cover 
  • Cover the exposed exterior pipes and use insulation tubing to help avoid the freezing.

Avoid using the old towels to insulate the pipes. Make use of the properly insulated cover for the purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Faucet Covers Work?

Yes, faucet covers definitely work. Most of them are made of Styrofoam or sponge. They have been observed to be effective in protecting your outdoor faucets if the outside temperature is around the freezing temperature or so. They may not work if the temperatures go below freezing point. 

How Frost-Proof Wall Hydrants or Hose Bibs Work?

The frost-proof wall hydrants separate the water supply from the cold weather by shutting off the flow at the heated area inside the wall. It is generally installed at a slightly downward angle towards the spout. The frostproof hose bibs stop behind the valve, and it is set to further back inside the home. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Outdoor faucets do require a lot of care if you belong to an area that receives a lot of freezing or cold temperatures. The faucet covers have been one of the most prominent options that can be helpful in fixing the issues for you. The discussion above should have provided you a great insight into the best ways on how to take care of your outdoor faucets with the use of the best faucet covers. 

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