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What Brand of Water Heater is the Most Reliable?

Hot water – that is perhaps one of the most important requirements ever in a home. The essence and importance of a water heater would only be evident in the fall and autumn months. The water from your tap water may not be suitable for consumption in any manner. 

You will not have a look at your water heater until you find it malfunctioning or has stopped working. In case you are looking for the right options for an exciting choice of a water heater, it may not be an easy task as it would appear. There are several brands and technologies engaged in the manufacture of Water Heaters. If you are lost for choice, here are our best options for finding the best water heaters for your perfect heating needs. It can help you answer your query on what brand of water heater is the most reliable. 

The right water heater would be the one that ensures a comfortable shower, perfect energy-saving, and efficient functionality.

What is a Water Heater? 

Well, the name itself should let you understand what it is designed for. A water heater is an equipment that heats up the water so that it is best suited for a shower or other regular purposes. The water coming from your tap or the municipal water supply may be too cold, depending on the season of the year. To make the water suitable enough for a shower, you need to get it heated up.

A water heater is generally in the form of cylinders or drums. They come with a drum filled with water and a heating mechanism inside the drum or at the bottom of the heater. A water heater does exactly what it means through its name – it heats the water. It just takes up the water from your water supply pipe and then warms it up. The water heaters can also be used to make your water potable.

How is a Water Heater Beneficial?

The water heater comes with its own benefits. Of course, the actual performance and advantages of a water heater would ideally be dependent on the type of heater you choose. The right choice should ideally be dependent on the actual budget and requirements that you have. 

The water heater ideally comes in two types – Storage Water heaters and Tankless water heaters. The storage water heaters are quite common and come with a storage tank. They will heat and store the water. The tankless water heaters do not come with any storage facilities. 

The significant advantages offered by a water heater can include:

  • The tankless water heaters consume a considerably lower amount of energy.
  • They consume minimal space with not much installation costs. 
  • The water heaters come with a life expectancy of a minimum of 20 years
  • The water heaters induce a habit of water conservation. You would save water and use it only when needed. 

The electric water heaters come with a lower initial cost. Of course, the cost will be dependent on the size and type of water heater you have chosen. Moreover, they are highly efficient. Electric water heaters do not have a venting process in their functionality. That is precisely what would make it one of the best options and a capable performer.

The safety levels offered by the electric water heaters would ideally make it one of the excellent options. When you compare them to the gas-based water tankers, you may experience issues like gas leakage. That is exactly why it is important to give a thought to the best options for analysing what brand of water heater is the most reliable. 

The best factors to consider while choosing a water heater for your house- A Buying Guide 

Like with any other product, the water heater too comes with its own set of buying factors. A sort of checklist for the best water heater, these factors would help you make a well-informed choice in choosing the best water heater.

1. Energy Efficiency2. Water Capacity3. The Rate of Flow4. Temperature Control Options5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance
The energy efficiency ratings vary for both gas heaters and electric heaters. However, the higher ratings in both cases would mean increased heating levels with minimum energy consumption. It would be a good idea to check the energy efficiency levels and pick a heater with the maximum rating.

The hot water capacity would be dependent on the family size that the heater is designed to provide services to. In case you have a large family, the water heater you choose would need to meet the exact needs of your family. The best option you would need to choose would be around 40 to 50 gallons. 

According to the suggestions from U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Saver website, the right options would be as per the details here: 

  • Shower – 10 gallons
  • Shaving – 2 gallons
  • Dishwashing – 4 Gallons
  • Washing clothes – 7 Gallons

This guide can help you choose the right capacity for your needs. 


Some heaters are known to reduce the water flow rate for providing hot water. If that happens in your case, it can be a little annoying. Especially in case you are using the hot water for showers. The Flow rate is typically indicated in gallons per minute. The ideal flow rate for a standard home requirement should hover around 5 gallons per minute.
Most of the water heaters do not offer the temperature control options. If you are looking to have hot water with differential temperature, it may be essential to check out a model with an option for a variable temperature. Check for the options in the form buttons or a slider for setting up your desired temperature.

The installation process for most of the water heaters is simple and more comfortable. If you are replacing your existing water heater, choosing it should not be a concern. In case you are planning to install the heater yourself, check for the more comfortable installation options.

All water heaters need at least a minimal level of maintenance. The constant requirement for maintenance may not be a viable option in many cases. If you already have a busy schedule, you would perhaps prefer a water heater with minimum or no maintenance. 

What brand of water heater is the most reliable?

List of The Best Water Heaters

Having gone through the best buying factors for the best water heaters, you may still be wondering what brand of water heater is the most reliable for you. The choices here should help you make up your mind. 

  1. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 Water Heater

The water heater comes with the best performance standards with its highly compact design. In fact, it should be an excellent solution for the on the road performance. It can double up as a perfect option for bathing, washing, cooking, or even other outdoor activities. While it is an excellent choice for your outdoor activities, it can also be a good one for a home as well.

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You can opt for it in varied sizes of 2.5, 5, and 7 Gallons. The water heater offers you a thermal efficiency of 98 percent, which should make it a great choice. You can install it both vertically and horizontally. The heating capacity provided by the water heater reads 1440 Watts. It also offers you a temperature range of up 65 to 145 degrees F.

The water heater can be an excellent choice for your requirements as it provides you water at your point of use and offers pressure and temperature valve. The high level of construction will ensure that you have access to a thick CFC free foam insulation and a glass linked tank. The compact size would make it an


  • Offers multiple mounting options
  • It provides you a sleek and compact design.
  • Ease of installation
  • Excellent choice for use in smaller places. 


  • May not suit the larger families. 

  1. Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

The water heater is available in multiple variants that include 1, 2.5, 4, and 6 Gallon capacity options. It comes with a sleek and compact design. You can be assured of a 99.8 percent energy efficiency with the water heater. Once again, this is a perfectly compact option for your needs in a smaller and compact home. It is easily accessible, making it even more, a great choice.

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An impressive recovery time of 24 minutes will continue providing hot water even after you have switched off your heater. The tank comes with stainless steel construction that will help you enhance the durability of the heater. The anti-corrosion coating will ensure that you will have access to rust-free water that offers a potable quality.

There have been a few reports that suggest that the water heater has overheating problems. If you are facing any such issues, they can be resolved with the help of a condenser or a relief valve. The heater is not suitable for a do it yourself installation. It may be a good idea to get assistance from a professional technician. 


  • Highly energy efficient
  • It offers a digital display for output.
  • Comes with CSA certification 
  • Sleeker and compact design


  • Can have overheating issue in some cases 
  • Installation isn’t easy 

  1. Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 water heater

If you are living in a small apartment, the Rheem water heater is a great choice. It can offer you plenty of hot water without even needing too much of space. It also provides you the adjustable water temperature control. You can set the hot water between 80 to 140 degrees F. The large digital display on the front lets you have access to the exact temperature control.

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The externally adjustable thermostat should be an exciting choice. The self-modulating power control can be one of the best options you would find, making it one of the excellent power saving. The heater offers you a 99.8 percent energy efficiency. The simple installation is what would make it one of the preferred choices for those who are looking for a do it yourself installation.

The design and installation are straightforward and straightforward. That way, you can install it and remove it depending upon the exact usage conditions.


  • Highly compact and simple construction
  • The external thermostat can make it best suited for multiple applications
  • A bright and easy to follow LED display
  • Ease of installation


  • May not be suitable for larger families. 

  1. Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Water Heater

Yet another excellent option for smaller apartments and cabins, the Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Water Heater offers you a fair amount of hot water. In fact, it can be one of the right choices for your needs if you are forced to place it in a region where you would be forced to display it. 

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Yes, the glass construction of the water heater makes it one of the great choices to go with any décor. You find it offering a revolutionary design setting it apart from most of the other tankless water heaters available in the market. Fully automatic controls for temperature setting, touch screen functionality, and the LCD display for temperature control are a few best features you would want to rely upon.

The water heater is powered by natural gas, and that would make it a great option from the efficiency point of view and should be the right answer to your query on what brand of water heater is the most reliable. The display also lets you know the GPM rate as well. You also have access to a child lock. The installation is not much complicated, and if you are competent enough, you should be able to install it yourself.


  • Highly energy efficient. 
  • Faster installation 
  • Consistent supply of hot water 


  • May not be the right one for larger households. 

  1. Stiebel Eltron 074050 Water Heater 

People tend to avoid a water heater as they are worried about the kids in the house. The Stiebel Eltron 074050 Water Heater helps you avoid this tension and offers you access to a wonderful experience. Yet another huge advantage provided by the heater lies in the fact that it provides you with a 50 percent reduction in power consumption.  

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The heater has a high limit switch that just trips when the heat gets too hot. Of course, you can reset the switch instantly as soon as it goes off. Get access to instant hot water right away. The hydraulic operation of the water heater provides you access to improved performance. The heater is designed not to fire when dry. 

The sleek design can make it fit any décor and add more value in terms of aesthetics. It also offers you a seismic proof construction. No scalding performance ensured by the DHC-E accuracy. Even the installation costs are comparatively lower when you compare it to the other storage tank models. 


  • Highly lower levels of installation costs 
  • The high limit switch that can be reset offers you a high degree of child safety options 
  • It is easy to install 
  • It provides you the hot water quite instantly


  • The instructions offered are not lucid. 

Which brand of water heater is the best?

So, after all that discussion -what brand of water heater is the most reliable for most of the needs – including those for cooking? Well, that would be a qualitative question, and the exact response would be dependent upon the individual preferences you may have. Of course, each of the water heater options outlined in the above discussion has its own advantages. However, we would rate the EcoSmart water heater to be a great choice. The features like stainless steel construction and an enhanced anti-corrosion performance should make it a perfect choice you would want to go with. However, the other heaters here do have their own advantages, and you can check them as well before making a final choice.

Check out the options featured in this compilation and analyze them to arrive at your favorite water heater.

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