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Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water

If you are using well water, it may be necessary to go with the whole house water filter system. In fact, this is one of the most widely used filtering systems all throughout the world. They have been considered to be effective enough because of their efficacy and efficiency in producing cleaner and quality water and the effective performance that they show. 

We thought we would list out a top-five list of the best whole house water filter for well water. They have been observed to be highly environment-friendly and have been proven to be extremely effective in achieving the best possible filtration when compared to the other competing systems. 

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

Well, now that we are looking to buy the best whole house water filter for well water, it may be practical enough to understand what exactly does it mean. Maybe some of us are already using it, but do not know what exactly is it. 

A whole house water filter system is actually a water filtration system that filters the water entering your house. In fact, these systems are also referred to as Point of Entry water filter systems. This ensures that your water is filtered irrespective of whether it is cold water or hot water. 

This would ensure that no matter which source of water you open inside your house, you will have access to filtered water. A filtration system for well water comes with an elaborate system. This will include a sediment filter, water softener, ultraviolet system, and even a reverse osmosis filter. The whole house water filter system will normally remove the sediments, disinfect it, and take out all the debris from the water. 

What are the Impurities that can contaminate well water?

There can be several contaminants inside well water. If you are in the United States, the well water can contain total suspended solids. These do not dissolve in the water. Some of the elements that come under these types of contaminants would include dust, sand, clay, and rust.

The well water can contain both biological and other colloidal types of impurities. The biological impurities would include bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and other microorganisms. These microbes can cause severe diseases and issues related to digestive systems. 

The colloidal materials inside the well water can include waste products and amino acids. This can be caused as a result of suspended matter in the water. These are normally caused by chemical contamination. They can include the gases, decomposed animals and plants, and the industrial waste dissolved in the water. You would also find the contamination due to the high amount of dissolved metals like calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and chlorides. 

Nitrates and Nitrites of several chemicals are likely to cause the Blue Baby Syndrome. It may be found in chemical fertilizers, human sewage, animal waste, and fertilizers. A higher degree of nitrate contamination can cause fatalities and can even cause death. 

Yet another contaminant you may find in the well water can include uranium and radium. These can be released into the water as a result of uranium mining and milling, coal mining, and nuclear power production. Such contamination can cause kidney ailments and even cancer. 

Four factors to consider while buying a whole house water filter

Before you can choose a whole house water filter for well water, you need to check out a few key factors to make it the right choice. Helpful as a checklist, it can be an excellent option to check out the best features in your choice of the best whole house water filter. 

1. The quality of your water supply 2. The filter types3. The Price4. The Space Constraints5. The Conformance with the standards
Check out the quality of water that you receive and what impurities does it consist of. This knowledge will help you choose a whole house water filter based on the contaminants found in the water. It may be a good idea to get the water tested by competent professionals. The city water supply comes with enough disinfectants.

The type of filter used in the water system filter would be dependent on the contaminants and how effective the filters would be in cleaning them up. If you are looking for a 100 percent clean and safe drinking water, it would be practical to go with a reverse osmosis filter. This is where a water lab report would be helpful. Do note that the reverse osmosis systems are quite expensive, and if your water supply and lab report do not necessarily demand a reverse osmosis process, it would be the best idea to avoid it. 

Do you really need to spend the amount you are planning to on the whole house water filter? You would definitely want to save money, and the right way to do it would be to opt for what you exactly want to go with. Apart from the actual cost, also take into account the other costs like filter replacement and improvements.

The whole house water filter systems tend to take more space than the other portable systems. It may be worthwhile to take into account the space requirements of a particular system. It would be practical enough to check the space requirements and compare it with space you can provide at your premises. .

Does the whole house water filter you choose meets the standards specified by the regulators? The standards like NSF or any other compatible standards and regulations will ensure that you do not have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law. Of course, non-compliance would not mean the product is of bad quality. If the product does not have the certification, you can get the filtration system checked by a competent lab to ensure compatibility with the standards. 

Best Whole House water filter for Well water

Having gone through the best product features you are expected to check in your whole house water filtration systems, let us now check out a few excellent products that provide good performance. 

  1. Aquasana Premium Rhino

The ten-year water filtration system provides you access to improved and enhanced performance. The whole house water filter system offers you protection against lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs. The system is capable of handling one million gallons of water- not a single drop wasted!

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The system is capable of taking care of the impurities of the minimum size of up to 0.35 microns. In essence, this is the best option you would ever experience on a whole house water filter system. The pre-filter should ideally provide you access to around three months of usage. The replacement filter should ideally provide you a lifetime of around 6 to 9 months. 

The maintenance offered by the water filter system would be one of the best you can go with. There is no need for any sort of draining or back flushing requirements. The dual tank design is what would ideally make it one of the much-preferred options for enhanced efficiency in terms of cleaning your well water to the best extent ever. 

Pros and Cons Aquasana Premium Rhino


  • Efficient removal of chlorine and chemicals. 
  • The scale build-up is highly minimised. 
  • It is quite cost-effective in the long run.


  • May not remove heavy metals.
  • You will need assistance from professional plumbers.

  1. Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System

The three-stage water filter system provides you access to an outstanding performance. The first stage does offer you 4 layers of filtration that can clean up the sediments of one-micron size. The second stage comes with the iron reduction filter. It can remove up to 95% of iron components. The stage also removes the traces of manganese and hydrogen sulphide. You can be assured of the contamination level reduced to 3 ppm. 

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The third stage takes care of further contamination and uses the granular activated coconut shell carbon. It removes ingredients like chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. It also removes bad taste and smell. 

Pros and Cons of Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System


  • It can filter the finest of the sediments. 
  • Filters the chemicals and improves the odour or taste.
  • The filter offers you a long-life performance. 
  • The filter system is listed n NSF.


  • It does not come with the UV filter 
  • Installation can be a little difficult.

  1. Express Water Whole House Water Filter

This is yet another three-stage water filter system for the whole house. It can help you eliminate the more contaminants. The whole house water filter system does come with the capability to clean up the impurities like  Chlorine, Rust, Pesticides, Dirt, Sand, Insecticides, Silt, Turbidity, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), Herbicides, Cloudiness, and Odors. 

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The heavy-duty construction and availability of 100% food-grade materials would be a couple of advantages offered by the water filter system. The durable stainless free-standing mount can be what would provide you access to enhanced and improved performance. The triple filter system offers you access to an improved performance level without any sort of pressure loss. The filter should run a lifetime of around 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months of usage. 

Pros and Cons of Express Water Whole House Water Filter


  • The three-stage filtering system removes all the harmful ingredients. 
  • Simpler and easier setup. 
  • Durable and heavy-duty functionality.


  • There may be a few cases of pressure drops. 
  • The water outlet and inlet can be too loose.

  1. iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration

If you are looking for the perfect cutting edge technology, the iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration is an excellent option you can go with. It has been considered to be one of the excellent options for use with well water filtration. You have access to a three-stage water filtration performance. 

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The first stage of the filtration holds sediments up to 5 microns. It will remove everything that is likely to block the filters. The second stage comes with a CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. It removes the odor and tastes. It can remove up to 90% of chlorine. It can clean contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals.

The third stage of the filtering mechanism offers you access to iron and manganese, reducing filter. You can also be assured of a wide range of heavy metals from the well water supply. It can even remove arsenic from the water bodies. 

Pros and Cons of iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration


  • It can remove contaminants to up to 95 percent. 
  • Easier and simpler installation process. 
  • Softens the water to a greater extent. 


  • We did not find many cons.

  1. Apex 3-Stage Whole House 20-Inch Big Blue Water Filtration System

The water filter system comes with a three-stage home filtration system. It can remove almost every sediment up to a size of 1 micron. The whole house water filter system can effectively clean up impurities like chlorine, iron, and other heavy metals. Apex 3 water filtration system can take care of filtering your water with the help of KDF85 media and organic coconut shell activated carbon. The KD85 filter is capable of handling water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

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The product is indeed a real value for money option. If your water filtration requirements are at a lower level for up to 20,000 gallons, this should be the right choice for almost every one of your requirements. The filter system can also protect your plumbing system quite effectively.

Pros and Cons of Apex 3-Stage Whole House 20-Inch Big Blue Water Filtration System 


  • The product is highly effective and efficient in its water filtration efficacy
  • NSF certification can be a great choice 
  • Best suited for residential buildings and food service businesses as well.


  • It can be the best option for a low level of water consumption. 
  • The customer service may not be up to the mark in some regions. 

The Passing Remarks 

Well, that was we have with respect to the best in terms of the best whole house water filter systems. The buying guide and the best options offered in this post should help you arrive at the best choices among the whole house water filter systems. Choosing the right filter system would depend upon the actual filtration requirements you may have. Make a right choice and get the best quality of water for your requirements. 


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